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About Kit

Kit Barrie (she/her) was raised by pirates in a traveling carnival where she learned how to fly and to weave fantasy into reality. She identifies as chaotic bisexual, with good intentions and questionable methods. She lives in an utterly unfantastical state in the Midwestern United States with her very supportive spouse (VSS) and at least 4 food goblins who might just be cats gobblin’ food.

The Goblin Twins is Kit's debut publication. She is a self-published independent author. She calls herself a "queer fiction" author, rather than an MM romance author, because while her books always have a positive ending, they do not necessarily follow the traditional "Happily Ever After" structure of romances, and the romance aspects of the story are often secondary to another genre (fantasy, action/adventure, etc.)

Outside of writing, Kit works a dayjob to pay the bills, loves to read and listen to audiobooks, plays board games and does puzzles with her VSS, and fosters kittens for her own organization, Glorious Purrpose Animal Rescue.

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