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A Study in Scholar

Goblin Twins Short Story

Sometimes, the handsome prince is the one who needs saving.

Considered the family disappointment, half-goblin Rii’zae is excited to become the newest library guardian at the imperial palace in Er’hadin. Of course, he never expected to meet a handsome royal who not only talks to him but even finds him attractive! When Prince A’bbni seeks his help to dissuade a persistent suitor, Rii’zae discovers he just might be able to help, if he can only overcome his incessant self-consciousness.

A Study in Scholar is a prequel short story set in the goblin continent of Hanenea’a, before the events in The Goblin Twins. It can be read as a standalone and contains explicit sexual content that is not intended for children. It is approximately 17,000 words, with a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

This takes place about 6 months before the events in The Goblin Twins.

Content Warning: Hair and foot play, references to emotional abuse by family members

Release Date: January 31, 2023

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