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Warnings and Spoilers for
Midnight Companion

Ichabod is cursed by the witch, which causes his heart to beat so strongly that he passes out from pain multiple times within the story. He is bound and placed atop a burning pyre by the townspeople, but he is rescued.

Katrina Van Tassel is revealed to be the witch of Sleepy Hollow, and Brom Bones is her gargoyle minion. The Horseman tells his story, in which he is tortured and executed by Katrina to be raised again as the Headless Horseman, with no memory of who he is. He talks about the victims of the witch being hunted each year, and he mentions that he did assist one of the victims in dying when they were in too much pain to continue living. He also mentions how the townspeople burned an orphan girl at the stake.

At the end, Baltus Van Tassel is killed by having his throat slit by the Horseman, and Brom is killed by the Horseman after his gargoyle jaws are ripped apart and a sword is driven through his mouth. Katrina Van Tassel is decapitated by Ichabod after destroying the Horseman's skull.

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