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The Gift

In the world of The Goblin Twins

Not every gift is freely given.

Sah’dren has been imprisoned in his own home for years, isolated and forced into a life of abuse. And Mother’s birthday gift to him is just another means of control. He can’t let the injured slave suffer the same way he does, even if the elf wants nothing to do with him.

Alone, they are divided, but perhaps together they can give each other the greatest gift of all: freedom.

This short story is set in the goblin continent of Hanenea'a, 60 years before the events of The Goblin Twins and before the abolition of slavery by the goblins. You do not have to have read The Goblin Twins to understand this story. It has a Happy For Now ending with no cliffhanger. It is approximately 18.5k words.

This story was part of the MM Class of 22/23 Short Story Giveaway. Nothing has been changed or lengthened from the original release.

Content Warning: Off-page prostitution and sexual abuse, graphic violence, emotional and physical abuse by a parent

Warning Details: Click here to see a more detailed warning. This may contain spoilers.

If you have questions, please contact Kit, she will be happy to provide any information needed for readers to make an informed decision.

Tropes (may contain spoilers:) 

Release Date: July 4, 2023

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