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The Goblin Twins

What do you do when you have nothing to give and everything to lose?


Twin goblin princes Shi’chen and A’bbni Er-Ha’sen did not ever plan to take the Emperor’s throne. Older twin Shi’chen is a military prodigy, and younger twin A’bbni is studying to be a physician. But when their father attempts and fails to overthrow their cousin, the murderous crown prince, the brothers are accused of taking part in a rebellion they know nothing about.Forced to flee for their lives, the twins find that not everything is what it seems in the goblin empire of Hanenea’a. With the help of only a half-elf sailor and a handful of nobles, the brothers must confront the Emperor and his supporters, risking everyone they love for one chance to save it all.

The Goblin Twins is an m/m non-magic fantasy novel with romance. This is the first book of The Goblin Twins duology, and the first of a collection of stories set in the lands of Hanenea’a and Kendarin. It has all the angst but does have a Happy For Now ending with no cliffhanger. It is Kit Barrie's debut novel. It is approximately 102,000 words.

Content Warning: This book contains an on-page male-on-male sexual assault, PTSD, graphic violence, physical and psychological torture, emotional abuse, explicit consensual sexual scenes, and strong language. It does not contain twincest. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18. See the warning details for more information.

Release Date: November 11, 2022

Available in the following formats:


Kindle Unlimited




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Warning Details: Click here to see a more detailed warning. This may contain spoilers.

If you have questions, please contact Kit, she will be happy to provide any information needed for readers to make an informed decision.

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