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Warnings and Spoilers for
Where the Sky Meets the Sea

In the first chapter, Eron participates in a whall hunt that involves launching harpoons at large sea creatures. He almost drowns when his boat is capsized. He learns later that one of his crew members was killed in the same event.

Upon returning to civilization, Eron and Ket are forcibly drugged, kidnapped, and restrained by the antagonists. Eron is hit on multiple occasions, and Ket is trapped in a net that makes him unable to move. Ket is also bruised from off-page physical examination. During the final chapter, Eron is held on his knees with a gun to his head and later is grazed by a bullet. Ket suffers a life-changing but not fatal injury to his tail fin when he falls into the ocean from a great height.

There is talk of enslaving the merfolk, torturing them for compliance, and experimenting on them for research purposes, as well as discussions of extinction and genocide if they are not considered valuable by the antagonists.

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