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Warnings and Spoilers for
X Marks the Spot

George Conley is violently tortured and killed off-page, but the aftermath is seen on-page. Captain Miles Ambrose betrays Jamie, having Squire Harrington and Mr. Kearns killed by his crew, later revealing that he set up the Squire to engage his ship. After Ambrose betrays him, Jamie and Ambrose do not have sex again, though Ambrose offers, but only if Jamie consents. Roderick, one of the crew members, unsuccessfully plies Jamie for oral sex. He then, toward the end of the book, picks a bound Jamie up and carries him outside with the intent to assault him, though he is prevented from doing so before doing more than removing his own pants. Both Ambrose and Silas kill multiple members of the crew on-page. Silas also suffers from occasional PTSD after his years of naval service, which included massive injuries (including the loss of his leg, part of his hand, and disfiguration of his face) and losing most of his crew in battle. Jamie and Ambrose do not get together again, and Ambrose disappears from the ship on their way back to England.

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