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Love and Laughter Always

Love and Laughter.jpg

There have been many important people in my life, but one that will always live in my heart is my dear friend,

Christopher Ayres.

He was a voice actor, a theatre director, a stage combat choreographer,

and a mentor to me.

He passed away in October of 2021, and the world became a little less fantastical.


Chris used to sign every autograph, every Facebook status, and every comment with "Love and Laughter Always, Chris", because he believed that love and laughter are the two most important things you can ever wish for someone to have. Even when he disagreed with someone, he still wished them Love and Laughter, because that is the kind of person he was.

In his memory, I continue the tradition of wishing everyone Love and Laughter, because life is short but should be beautiful. Rest in Peace, my dear, dear friend.

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